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The Stickmans NFT

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➡️ The Stickmans is a solid NFT project that will grow up in the Metaverse based in a solid basement , A long-term opportunity, as the stickmans will raise the price more and more, based on an nft in a decentralized system. ➡️ We want all our members to enjoy a healthy community. With events and long-term benefits from our team, Gifts and raffles valued in a good amount ➡️ We have in mind to launch 10,000 stickmans, each time creating our own nft economy, like the rest of the projects However, we will continue to maintain stability in our community Join our community, you will not regret. ➡️ A project based on long duration, following the basis of a solid nft project, without gaps, we promise our members an economy of their own if mass trading is reached, with which we favor that, trying to grow the community and do it on our own
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